Cost Control

and Compliance

That is the goal


The Housing Safety Group focuses on Pre-REAC Property inspections and annual facility reviews. These are the keys to saving both time and money in today’s market. We understands this and prioritize our inspections to address your immediate needs to achieve or retain financing on your projects. Our group of certified REAC Inspectors are more than just a consulting group. We understand your investment in buildings, the people who maintain them and your effort to give them the tools to succeed. Our Pre-REAC inspection and training is designed to have lasting results and help your property stand the test of time.


We understand that each HUD Property and owner are different. Our job is simply to deliver the results and a program that works within your parameters. Each Pre-REAC Inspection is custom designed for your property in a way your team can execute. We take time to listen to our clients. Understand what you may be looking for as well and are sure to include those concerns in our detailed reports(Non REAC Issues) You and your team will have the tools and a plan to curb costs and stay on schedule.



What we provide 

  • Complete Property review
  • Report including photos at the completion of our onsite inspection. Not days or weeks later
  • Print orders accompanied by photos for clarity
  • Photo Log of all deficiencies
  • In house maintenance program you can upload
  • 1/2 day maintenance class to get help your team prepare for REAC
When you hire the Safe Housing group you get more than answers, you get positive results. Our team is trained and ready to help . Each of our programs is designed around your unique property and ability to execute with your staff or independent contractors.
  • Pre-REAC reviews with training on PHA and Multi-family properties
  • Life Safety & House Keeping / habitability inspections on non HUD properties
  • Annual UPCS Inspections
  • REAC Inspection Service
  • Post REAC Inspection Appeal Support
  • HQS Housing Quality Standards Initial/annual inspection. special or compliant inspections
  • Quality Control reports and inspections
  • Emergency 24 hour REAC Inspections
  • Property acquisition Inspections
  • Physical Needs Assessment
  • Rent Reasonableness

DIY Solutions

For those that have property owners demanding in house PRE REAC management teams we have your solution complete with software and training to help you succeed.  This is a version of the same simple to use software that our inspectors use in the field and we supply the hardware.  Contact us today to get your customized EXTREME TRAINING program.

This top of the line updated software is simple to use and keep your team and property on track. Simply enter your property’s information with unit needs so it is easily accessible for your team. This gives you the ability to track move ins and outs, Evictions and annual inspections with date and time stamped photos.
This same software can be used during an active inspection whereas you can enter deficiencies as the inspector calls them out. Simply take photos which will auto time stamp and your report will be set before the inspector leaves the property . This will be a powerful tool for REAC L3 appeals.